Our Services

Our services range from public space and public life strategies & architecture design to urban & master planning, modes of transportation, landscape architecture, community housing, cultural institutions, digital experience and interior design. We are a full-service architecture firm beginning with in depth research and culminating in city-scale projects.

Architecture Consultancy

Our specialized architects have set of skills & expertise successfully execute your dream project, according to your requirements and needs. Every client is different, and our architecture consultancy have experience to fit their approaches, drawing on a means of tried & tested processes and tools & methodology. We have a strong track record helping clients to improve their existing architecture, business analysis. Architecture Consultancy functions, through shaping their dreams to reality.

Interior Design

For Unique Interiors, when it comes to the corporate environments, or the Residential space the design & style of the space can mean the difference between a good space & a great space. In our firm we deal with all kind or Interior Designs. Transforming Dreams into Architectural Reality our Interior design is innovative and aesthetic. We are dedicated architecture design firm, committed to crafting spaces that inspire. Let's bring your visions to Reality" With a passion for elegance and attention to detail, we specialize in creating useful & spectacular Interior Design solutions.


When embarking on a new project, one of the hardest decisions to make is choosing who will supervise the project, the success or failure of any architecture project depends on project management and supervision. When a building project is effectively supervised, all roles coordinated and managed effectively, there is a success in such project and when it is done otherwise, the reverse might be the case. Since IPAB our Architects knows the central idea that hold the architecture design together and how to use such idea to create a whole from parts.