About IPAB

IPAB exists to create urban-scale intelligent and impactful architecture to increase the city-dweller’s engagement with his or her city. Ultimately, the firm sees a city whose architecture stimulates social interaction, cultural identity and economic growth.
The firm acts as a representative for the collective inhabitants of a city and proposes thoughtful and deliberate projects to the city government. The firm’s strategy as well as competitive advantage is a focus on gathering data, conducting surveys, and using our knowledge of social science to provide creative solutions on behalf of and for the collective need. IPAB is a leading Architecture and Infrastructure consulting firm in Kuwait. Outstanding Architects, designers, planners, engineers, consultants and construction managers work diligently on each project throughout to deliver unique results.


Kuwait Office



Abdulmajeed M. Qabazard is a graduate of the University of Arizona in the year of 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Mr. Qabazard has been a certified member of the Kuwait Engineering Society for over thirty-eight years and has displayed his professional skills in this field. Mr. Qabazard began his design venture in 1967 working for the Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait as a site engineer. In later years, he moved on to work with Kuwait Center for Engineering Enterprises Co. with the responsibilities of consulting the contractors to construct two water reservoirs for the Ministry of water and Electricity. He continued his career at the Kuwait Center for Engineering Enterprise Co. for several years with multiple projects from private villas as well as warehouses to governmental establishments. By 1993 Mr. Qabazard had been project manager at several projects in and out of Kuwait. In 1993, Mr. Qabazard became the project manager for the Ministry of Public Works representing the owner/client of Kuwait University. He as well administered projects, during his time at the Ministry of Public Works, of the headquarters for the Kuwait coast guard ministry of interior and construction of the Bayan Palace, royal guard house. In 2018 IPAB was established and Mr. Qabazard has joined forces with his partners to create an innovative backbone for the design concepts in Kuwait. They have commenced on several new projects and have begun the change and exploration of Kuwait’s architectural presence.


Batool Ghazizadeh achieved her Bachelor's Degree from The University of Oklahoma in 1981 with Environmental design. Having said that She have a vast experience of more that 40 years in the architecture field. She started he career as an Architect in 1982 with one of the well-known architecture firms in Kuwait. From 1987 to 2019 she worked for several Amiri Diwan Projects.

She was responsible as Senior Architects for prestigious projects like:

Amiri Diwan Crown Prince & Prime Minister’s Diwan and Council of Ministers.

Amiri Diwan Project Sief Palace, Building “B” and “D”.

Botanical Garden for Amiri Diwan at Bayan Palace.

Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (PAAET).

Bayan Palace, Phase II.

State Audit Bureau Headquarter.

Burgan Bank Branches  refurbishment Project.

Manpower Building, Administration Building, Service Building & Conference Hall at Bayan Palace.

Australian College Of Kuwait Building 6&L.

Iman Mansouri

Iman Mansouri graduated from University of California, Irvine in 2009 with a double major in arts division of Business Economics and International Studies. After several years in the business industry he had decided to shift his focus into architecture and graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), with a masters of Architecture, in 2015.
By 2016 Mr. Mansouri had started a Design firm in California with two other partners from SCI-Arc called PYI Studio. They had several different projects and competition that the firm worked on. In this time as well, Iman was an instructor assistant at SCI-Arc.
In 2018 Mr. Mansouri and one of his firm’s partners from PYI Studio moved to Kuwait and embarked on a new architectural journey while establishing a firm called IPAB. Here they worked on conceptual designs and completed several additions to properties with multiple interior renovations.

Payman Mansouri

Payman Mansouri received his Masters of Architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2015. He also possesses Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics and International Studies from the University of California Irvine in 2009. His earlier career involved in collecting, analyzing, presenting and providing insights to crucial financial figures and data. He then turned to Architecture, where he went to SCI-Arc. During his studies Mr. Mansouri was able to acquire knowledge on contemporary experimentation and formal exploration while increasing conventional architecture.
Once graduated Payman Mansouri along with Iman Mansouri and Yunyu Zhhang partnered to create a design studio PYI Studio. During the time which Mr. Mansouri worked on conceptual designs of which were residential and commercial. In 2018, Payman Mansouri became a Co-Founder of IPAB in Kuwait, which since then have worked on building extension, interior design, as well as on residential building.