Work Process

Client Needs

Listening to clients in order to fully appreciate what they want from an architect is fundamental, it is the essential first step in a productive working relationship.



The architect is, of course, there to provide a technical service to the client in designing a functional and structurally sound house. But beyond this, it is the architect's duty to understand the client's goals, wishes, and aspirations, and to use their expertise to turn these aspirations into a reality.



When considering the question of what an architectural design is, it is crucial to understand its basic definition, who is involved, what it involves, and its relation to construction. Architectural design is broadly defined as the planning of structures that focus on functionality and aesthetics to create a suitable experience for the user or client. Because this field strictly concentrates on a structure's design process, an architectural designer is typically responsible for the process, but architects can also fill this role.



Determining the value of an architecture or engineering or a complex assignment. In this fragmented industry, the structure of firm ownership and the types of services they perform varies wildly. Adding to the puzzle is a business model that relies less on tangible assets than it does on intangibles such as client mix, key employees and more. Both business appraisers and firm owners need to understand all of the intricacies of an business model including client mix, the sources of contracts, a firm's exposure to market sectors, and the depth of its management and design talent to truly understand what drives and creates value.