Apartment Building

The course objective to the design of this multiuse building circulated and addressed the fundamental principles that relate to housing as well as its role in a city. Entailing our studio bay to strenuously study the ideology of aggregation and accumulation of a smaller mass and acquiring it into a larger massing. The strides taken to integrate an eccentric methodology in fabricating the massing,
procreated distinct typologies of the exterior and interior regions. The façades of the building represents an indisputable trajectory of systematical steps, aggregation and accumulation, of a mass. However, the same mythology is not apprehended as easily in the interior portions. The interior quality of the mass creates a separate typology directed from the units and circulation of the floors. The focus of the circulation came about from the narrower and inner portions
of the mass, positioning the apartment units on the outer portions of the block. The explicit quality of the mass contributed to the unique attributions of each distinct floor.
A concern taken into consideration within this project was the exterior typology to the block of the public and private spaces. Our design allowed for more interactions with public areas throughout by dividing the block into two. This created distinct portions of private lobbies with public pathways and retail spaces.